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HUINA 1580 Hydraulic Conversion Parts/Conversion Kit (You Must Select Full Kit To Get All The Needed Parts For Conversion)

Walking ESC
FUll Huina 1580 Hydraulic Kit (Includes All Needed Parts For Hydrualic Conversion)
Pump With Tank
Metal Arm
3CH Valve
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Upgrade HUINA 1580 Hydraulic Set Metal Telescopic Boom / 3CH Valve /Hydraulic Pump For RC 1/14 Excavator Parts
Used for: upgrade the hydraulic system of Huina 580 RC Excavator
Note: we recommend it work to below 3MPA
Package included:
①  Metal Arm
②  Hydraulic Pump Integrated Oil Tank
③  Brushless ESC For Pump
④  3CH Directional Valve
⑤  2CH Brushed Walking ESC
⑥  Digital voltage display  
⑦  Oil Pipe, Sticker and other accessories